Shopping place in Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea

1. Gangnam Station underground shopping center Multi shops, break area

Young generation as its major customers, multi-shops with clothes,shoes,bags,cellular phones, cosmetics, and more allow you to learn about the latest trend.Also, restaurants where you can enjoy simple meals,break areas where you can rest with a cup of coffee and a book when you are tired. Convenience stores where you can buy drinks and daily necessities, a place for charity events, exhibitions and artists performance,as well as cosmetic shops like Etude House,Missha,Natural Republic,Innisfree,and more are located.

Opening hour : AM 11:00 ~ PM 22:30

location : just out of station patrol, you will see lots of shops around



It’s a place where you can meet beauty products and health products from various brands that would help you take care of your inside and outside so that all customers can be always beautiful and always healthy from head to toe.

Opening hour : AM 08:00~ PM 23:00 (Mon~Fri)

                               AM 10:00~PM 23:00(Sat~Sun)


It is a place where novel products of best quality are offered to its customers,presenting new selection of design products on-off line that you could see nowhere,by the designer multi-shop well-known as ART BOX.

Opening hour : AM 10:30~ PM 22:30

4. Humming-j

A cute and pretty accessory shop with accessories,fashion and beauty items,dolls and more.

Opening hour : AM 11:00~PM 23:00

5. Look optical Optician’s Shop (Eye wear/Eye glasses shop)

Fashionable optican’s shop famous for advertisement by 2PM. You can try a variety of products from reasonable price to imported luxurious glasses frames.

Opening hour : AM 11:00~ PM 22:30


6. Aladin Used Bookstore

It is an online-offline bookstore where you can buy and sell secondhand books.Although the majority of books are korean, you can also find foreign books. IF the books that you brought are too heavy and boring, it will be a fun experience to sell them even though you won’t make a lot of money.

opening hour : AM 09: 30~ PM 22:00


7. Naughty Cat/ 못된 고양이

Naughty cat provides best products and services in order to make customers life more classy and beautiful. Naughty cat, a national franchise using reliable products, is visited by many people. Easialy can spot almost everywhere in Seoul.

Opening hour : AM 11:00~ PM 23:00