Sushi restaurant in Itaewon

Gida Sushi (기다 스시)

Address: 683-125, Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul; Phone: (02) 749-3558

Gida Sushi is tucked into a small alley opposite Cheil Worldwide in Itaewon. The restaurant is always packed, owing mainly to its affordability. The first impression is that it is a lively and chatty place.

After finding our seats we scanned the menu. I understood immediately why Gida Sushi is famous in this area. A 10-piece sushi lunch box — not as easy to find in Seoul as in days past — will run you just 9,000 won. And I heard it’s pretty good, too.

We met for dinner, so ordered the Sushi Collection, which cost 18,000 won.

The atmosphere was alive and the food was cheap. I made a decision to return with some friends. It is very casual and affordable.

Criticism: All things considered, what do you expect for sushi under 1,000 won? We can’t complain.

Praise: Atmosphere, price and service get high scores.

Who: If you’re after a cheap night out with friends and want some booze to go with your sushi, then Gida Sushi won’t disappoint.

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