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10 Corso Como


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10 Corso Como | 10 꼬르소 꼬모

Located in the trendy Gangnam district in southern Seoul, 10 Corso Como is the brainchild of Italian gallerist and publisher Carla Sozzani. Part art and design gallery, part bookshop, part fashion store, and part something else, the shop was conceived by Sozzani—a former fashion editor—as a virtual narrative of a magazine layout. Think of it as walking through a copy of Vogue. As with Milan’s and Tokyo’s 10 Corso Como locations, much of the interior was designed by American graphic artist Kris Ruhs, a long-time associate of Sozzani.


10 Corso Como’s café offers a variety of sumptuous Italian eats, with wonderful desserts, too.

In addition to men’s and women’ fashions and accessories, 10 Corso Como also has a bookshop selling mostly art and photography books. Well worth checking out.

The logo. The simple, black-and-white logo is designed by Kris Ruhs.

Hours: 11am—8pm (café open later)
T. 02-3018-1010, www.10corsocomo.co.kr
(79 Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul | 서울시 강남구 청담동 79)

10-min walk from Apgujeong Rodeo Station 압구정로데오역 (Bundang Line), Exit 3


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2013 Must have Korean Cosmetic Brands items


Written by Monica Suk
Photographs courtesy of various manufacturers




Skinfood: Flora Tea Nail Vita Alpha

There’s nothing like getting your nails done for changing your mood. Available in five shades of pink hues and orange tones, Flora Tea Nail Vita Alpha is perhaps one of a handful of cheap nail polishes that can be applied evenly without emphasizing ridges. Don’t waste your money and time going to nail shops; Flora Tea will rescue you from your dirty-looking nails.

Price: KRW 2,500




더 시크릿 마블 블러셔 02 Eternity



Banila Co: The Secret Marbling Blusher

Be pretty in pink for spring. Banila Co’s The Secret Marbling Blusher pairs perfectly with the natural makeup trend. This swirl of different colors gives a natural look instead of a made-up one. You can use it either as blush or as a shimmery highlighter.

Price: KRW 20,000


네이처 리퍼블릭_ 슈퍼 아쿠아 맥스 컴비네이션 수분크림 [복합성용]


Nature Republic: Super Aqua Max Combination Watery Cream

Gel-type creams are perfect for all skin types but especially for extremely oily skin or combination skin. Nature Republic’s moisturizing cream glides on smoothly and leaves no film on your skin, giving you a refreshing feeling. If you’re looking for something lightweight to use under makeup, without a doubt, this is going to be your daily item.

Price: KRW 10,950



TONYMOLY: Backstage Gel Eyeliner

TONYMOLY’s gel eyeliner is creamier in texture than other eyeliners and glides on your eyes well because it has no shimmer. Of course, it will smudge if you rub it ferociously with your hands, but the colored gel will last and stay opaque until you remove it with cleansing oil. This is especially recommended for people whose eye makeup gets smudged as the night wears on.

Price: KRW 8,500


UV 미스트 쿠션 SPF50  PA   _퍼프같이



Hera: UV Mist Cushion

It takes a while to find a foundation that suits your skin perfectly, but Hera’s UV Mist Cushion will definitely shorten that time for you. The mist cushion is a liquid foundation with sunscreen, moisturizer, and whitening functions. This amazing all-in-one product is SPF 50, good to use in both spring and summer.

Price: KRW 45,000




CC크림 # 실키 (2) 누끼


Etude House: CC Cream (8 in 1)

CC creams are receiving the baton from BB creams to lead the spring 2013 beauty trends. This multitasker is typically useful for people who don’t have enough time to do makeup in the morning. The new 8 in 1 formula primes, conceals, hydrates, and protects skin. You’ll soon realize that doing your makeup can’t get any easier than this.

Price: KRW 14,000


자연발효 에센스 MD리터칭 컷(0227)


Innisfree: Soybean Energy Essence

Innisfree is known for selling highly effective skin care products at reasonable prices. Innisfree Soybean Energy Essence is the latest product to firm up this reputation. The main ingredient, fermented soybeans from Jejudo’s mountain area, soothes dry skin and prevents wrinkles.

Price: 80 ml: KRW 22,000 / 150 ml: KRW 35,000

Craft brewed beers in itaewon – Reilly’s Tap House

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I shuffled through toward the dimly lit door, hood up and head down, body bent against the wet springtime wind. I slopped up the stairs, opened the door, and stepped over the threshold – to a lodge on a lonely moor in Yorkshire. Or maybe I was somewhere in Vermont. In 1921. Wherever I was, I certainly wasn’t in Korea anymore.

And how can you blame me for being turned about? The place is crammed with dark polished wood, brick, and burnished metal. Everyone wears leather and tweed and plaid. Ski caps abound. The low lights glint off a hundred half-full pint glasses held by smiling, cheerful people, and I am abashed. The snappy wind is blowing wetly, the windows are rattling, and here we are, partying like chums at Reilly’s Taphouse, the happiest place on Earth. This is where you bring your rice-ravaged mind to flop down, sink into the dark leather, and stay awhile. Things are lookin’ fine tonight.

Reilly’s is an Itaewon newcomer, tucked up on the third floor of an unassuming building you’ve probably walked by 500 times. The beer menu is a showstopper with enough ales, lagers, stouts, porters and pilsners to make your head go fuzzy. Trying more than one is an absolute must, and trying a few is more than likely for any beer lover (no one around here will judge if you pour yourself into a cab 3 hours later). The Magpie Porter is a customer favorite, along with the sweet Schloss Dunkel and the blacker-than-black Seorak Oatmeal Stout, but I was enraptured by the Scottish Wee Heavy. Served in a dazzlingly large glass and topped with a creamy head, my heart was on wings. So when Troy Zitzelsberger, the self-named Beer Guy of this cozy establishment, appeared at my elbow and asked if I’d like another round, I said, “Well sure!” His status as a certified cicerone makes him more like a beer doctor, considering how many months of study he devoted to acquiring the coveted status. He treated me to a bottle of Tripel Karmeliet, a smooth honey-colored Belgian that sings with vanilla and packs a solid 8.4% alcohol by volume. Zitzelsberger called this little gem (his current favorite) a “creeper.” Beware those words from a beer doctor.

Good thing Reilly’s burgeoning menu of comfort food is there to take the edge off your warming belly. Chef Chris DeBord has put together a promising selection of southern pub favorites spiked with fanciness – Grandmother meets Oscar Wilde on a plate. Chris has your old faves like fried sweet potatoes, onion rings, fish and chips, and fries covered (and covered well), but he’s also rollin’ out big, beautiful bowls of mussels and hunks of meatloaf smothered in brown gravy. He really shines at sauces, something he’s fully utilized while putting together this menu. “It’s a work in progress,” he says. And good progress it’s making. DeBord came over and explained his hope for the future menu at Reilly’s, a prototype he was trying out when I was there that weekend: lamb shank, two hearty soups, a sandwich or two, and bread pudding or chocolate mousse for dessert. His southern USA foundation begins to show as he talks, and it becomes clear how personally invested he is in the success of his food.

That’s how it is at Reilly’s. Personal. This place has “personal” written all over it. The people behind the bar are the ones who own it, carefully pouring from one of their taps (there are 20), making sure the proper glass has been chosen before handing it off to you. Everyone is so jovial and enthusiastic, you’ll wish they’d pull up a chair and take a few sips with you. You’ll be right over there, tucked into your third glass under the watchful eyes of Winston Churchill, mopping up the last of your red pepper aioli with another perfect onion ring, having way too much fun. Go with friends. Go alone and make some new ones. Just go. Reilly’s will be your new fave.

Getting there

Walk straight out of Itaewon Station, line 6, exit 2. Reilly’s is close by, on the left side, just beyond Smoothie King, on the third floor.



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Sushi restaurant in Itaewon

Gida Sushi (기다 스시)

Address: 683-125, Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul; Phone: (02) 749-3558

Gida Sushi is tucked into a small alley opposite Cheil Worldwide in Itaewon. The restaurant is always packed, owing mainly to its affordability. The first impression is that it is a lively and chatty place.

After finding our seats we scanned the menu. I understood immediately why Gida Sushi is famous in this area. A 10-piece sushi lunch box — not as easy to find in Seoul as in days past — will run you just 9,000 won. And I heard it’s pretty good, too.

We met for dinner, so ordered the Sushi Collection, which cost 18,000 won.

The atmosphere was alive and the food was cheap. I made a decision to return with some friends. It is very casual and affordable.

Criticism: All things considered, what do you expect for sushi under 1,000 won? We can’t complain.

Praise: Atmosphere, price and service get high scores.

Who: If you’re after a cheap night out with friends and want some booze to go with your sushi, then Gida Sushi won’t disappoint.

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National Museum of Korea : A cultural complex

Tours available in English, French,Spanish,Italian  

Admission : Free (except special exhibition) 

Free to Main Exhibition Hall and the Children’s Museum

Separate charge for the Special Exhibition Gallery

Guided Tours

One-hour guided tours of permanent collection are available.

10: 30 – 11 : 30 am / 2:30 – 3: 30 pm (English) French/Spanish/Italian.

10: 30 – 11: 30 am . on the 2nd Sat of every month (French/Spanish/Italian)

Visitor’s Service

Wheelcharis and strollers are available free of charge. Strollers are reserved for infants and children under 30 months old.

Stay tune @ 

Facebook : nmk.seoul.korea

Twitter : @the_nmk]

For more information, visit http://www.museum.go.kr/ or call (02) 2077-9324

Sungnyemun 숭례문 south gate in seoul

Sungnyemun, a 600-year-old landmark in Seoul, was officially opened to the public on May 4, five years after it was severely damaged by an arson attack. Sungnyemun served as the official main entrance to Seoul during the Joseon Dynasty (1392 – 1910). The walls on both sides of the gate have been rebuilt. In order to make the structure more faithful to its original design, the width of the stairway on its east side has been broadened. The ground level has also been lowered by 30 to 50 centimeters.


Where to eat around namdaemun.

Nearby namdaemun market is the land of opportunity for culinary adventurers looking for Korea’s authentic street-cart snacks.


If you cannot find a good buy at Namdaemun Market, head to Seoul Station’s Lotte Mart outlet.


It is worth checking out the number of physical improvements cited above.


http://www.sungnyemun.or.kr, Open Tuesday through Sunday (9am-6pm)

City Hall Station 시청역 (Line 1,2) Exit 8

Seoul Station 서울역 (Line 1, 4, A’REX) Exit 4

Hoehyeon Station 회현역 (Line 4) Exit 5


Jin’s Paradise (hostel in itaewon, guesthouse in itaewon )  from namdaemun is only 10min by bus.


War Memorial of Korea

The war memorial of korea exhibits various weapons and equipment from Korea’s prehistoric times to the modern period as well as paintings of battlefields and sculptures of notable warriors. An open-air exhibition displays war tanks, planes, and guns. On June 25, the date when the Korean War broke out in 1950, the museum will offer visitors military rations. Admission is free.


For more information : http://www.warmemo.or.kr

Closed on Mondays. T. 02-709-3139


How to get there

Samgakji station (Line 4,6) Exit 12


You can walk from Jin’s Paradise, Guesthouse in Seoul. It will take about 20min by foot.



Certainly, Gangnam becomes the must visit area for those who love the M/V from PSY, Gangnam Style.

In Seoul, Gannam is a place where a variety of banking facilities are located. And it serves as the center of Gangnam with business, movie theaters, restaurants, and bars concentrated in one place around a number of companies and large buildings.


It is well down as a hot place for young people due to Media Pole, M-stage, Urban hive building, various road shops andrestaurants that symbolize Gangnam.


As the word Gangnam has recently been imprinted on people all around the world due to a catchy song called “Gangnam Style” and the ludicrous horse dance, U-street near Gangnam station also has received new light and reaffirmed its position as a hot place once again.


By installing a horse dance stage between Exit 11 and 12 of Gangnam station, it adds even more fun for the tourists.

Shopping place in Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea

1. Gangnam Station underground shopping center Multi shops, break area

Young generation as its major customers, multi-shops with clothes,shoes,bags,cellular phones, cosmetics, and more allow you to learn about the latest trend.Also, restaurants where you can enjoy simple meals,break areas where you can rest with a cup of coffee and a book when you are tired. Convenience stores where you can buy drinks and daily necessities, a place for charity events, exhibitions and artists performance,as well as cosmetic shops like Etude House,Missha,Natural Republic,Innisfree,and more are located.

Opening hour : AM 11:00 ~ PM 22:30

location : just out of station patrol, you will see lots of shops around



It’s a place where you can meet beauty products and health products from various brands that would help you take care of your inside and outside so that all customers can be always beautiful and always healthy from head to toe.

Opening hour : AM 08:00~ PM 23:00 (Mon~Fri)

                               AM 10:00~PM 23:00(Sat~Sun)


It is a place where novel products of best quality are offered to its customers,presenting new selection of design products on-off line that you could see nowhere,by the designer multi-shop well-known as ART BOX.


Opening hour : AM 10:30~ PM 22:30

4. Humming-j

A cute and pretty accessory shop with accessories,fashion and beauty items,dolls and more.

Opening hour : AM 11:00~PM 23:00

5. Look optical Optician’s Shop (Eye wear/Eye glasses shop)

Fashionable optican’s shop famous for advertisement by 2PM. You can try a variety of products from reasonable price to imported luxurious glasses frames.

Opening hour : AM 11:00~ PM 22:30


6. Aladin Used Bookstore

It is an online-offline bookstore where you can buy and sell secondhand books.Although the majority of books are korean, you can also find foreign books. IF the books that you brought are too heavy and boring, it will be a fun experience to sell them even though you won’t make a lot of money.


opening hour : AM 09: 30~ PM 22:00


7. Naughty Cat/ 못된 고양이

Naughty cat provides best products and services in order to make customers life more classy and beautiful. Naughty cat, a national franchise using reliable products, is visited by many people. Easialy can spot almost everywhere in Seoul.

Opening hour : AM 11:00~ PM 23:00