1. Room Rate/Per night
  • Standard 2 Double Private Room (Shared bathroom) : 60,000 KRW
  • Triple Room = Family Room (Shared bathroom) : 70,000 KRW
  • 6 beds mixed dorm : 20,000 KRW
  • 4 beds mixed dorm : 24,000 KRW
  • 4 beds female dorm : 24,000 KRW
* Weekly Rate (Long-term stay) : There will be 10% off if staying longer than a week.   
* Weekend Rate : On Friday, Saturday, there will be an additional charge.
2. Check in/ Out 

  • Kindly suggested check in/out time is between 11AM~12 PM
  • But no hassle! Feel free to come by early if you want to drop off your luggage. 
3. How to book ?
Contact to Jin directly/find us on Facebook or email!
email :
Phone : +82(0)1091694258
Click the link to go to Facebook page and more details!

Jin’s Paradise


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