Sungnyemun 숭례문 south gate in seoul

Sungnyemun, a 600-year-old landmark in Seoul, was officially opened to the public on May 4, five years after it was severely damaged by an arson attack. Sungnyemun served as the official main entrance to Seoul during the Joseon Dynasty (1392 – 1910). The walls on both sides of the gate have been rebuilt. In order to make the structure more faithful to its original design, the width of the stairway on its east side has been broadened. The ground level has also been lowered by 30 to 50 centimeters.


Where to eat around namdaemun.

Nearby namdaemun market is the land of opportunity for culinary adventurers looking for Korea’s authentic street-cart snacks.


If you cannot find a good buy at Namdaemun Market, head to Seoul Station’s Lotte Mart outlet.


It is worth checking out the number of physical improvements cited above., Open Tuesday through Sunday (9am-6pm)

City Hall Station 시청역 (Line 1,2) Exit 8

Seoul Station 서울역 (Line 1, 4, A’REX) Exit 4

Hoehyeon Station 회현역 (Line 4) Exit 5


Jin’s Paradise (hostel in itaewon, guesthouse in itaewon )  from namdaemun is only 10min by bus.



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