Jin's Paradise


Certainly, Gangnam becomes the must visit area for those who love the M/V from PSY, Gangnam Style.

In Seoul, Gannam is a place where a variety of banking facilities are located. And it serves as the center of Gangnam with business, movie theaters, restaurants, and bars concentrated in one place around a number of companies and large buildings.


It is well down as a hot place for young people due to Media Pole, M-stage, Urban hive building, various road shops andrestaurants that symbolize Gangnam.


As the word Gangnam has recently been imprinted on people all around the world due to a catchy song called “Gangnam Style” and the ludicrous horse dance, U-street near Gangnam station also has received new light and reaffirmed its position as a hot place once again.


By installing a horse dance stage between Exit 11 and 12 of Gangnam station, it adds even more fun for the tourists.